Daimler Double Six Majestic Insignia 1994



  • Marque : Daimler
  • Model : Double Six Majestic Insignia
  • Colour exterior : Mineral Green Metallic
  • Colour interior : Pale Stone / Dark Stone Two Tone Leather
  • First registration : July 1994
  • Current registration: Netherlands
  • Odometer: 227.570 km
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Engine: 6.0 Liter, 311 BHP


When production of the Daimler DS420 finally came to an end in 1992, Jaguar did not want to make those experienced craftsmen redundant. Jaguar filled the gap in Special Vehicle Operations ( SVO ) with the launch of a stretched XJ 40, the Majestic and even further with the Insignia range. Both represented top of the range Jaguar/Daimler, which were hand finished and with maximum attention to detail. These automobiles consisted of a unique range of 10 exterior paint and 10 interior colour options, allowing one to truly personalise one’s Jaguar or Daimler. SVO even gave the possibility of two-tone interior and coloured walnut veneer.

The Noble House Daimler Double Six was delivered new in Belgium in July 1994. Unfortunately a little is known about the history up to 2011, but we expect to add more information soon. We do know  that only 50 Double Six Majestics are build (RHD and LHD together) and of these 50, only 1 is a LHD Majestic Insignia !! Therefore this Daimler is truly unique.

In 1999 the Daimler was exported to the Netherlands and in February 2000 she received a Dutch registration. In August 2011 the Daimler was purchased by Noble House.

After purchase Noble House invested Euro 40.000 in:

  • Remove chrome, glass and lights.
  • Carry out full repaint.
  • Refit removed parts, renew rubbers.
  • Extensive restoration of front suspension.
  • Extensive restoration of rear suspension.
  • Extensive restoration of brakes.
  • Fit new stainless steel exhaust system.
  • Renew Wilton Wool carpets
  • Detailing engine bay and so on.

Photos of the Noble House restoration are available, as also specifications of parts added and work carried out.

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