Jaguar MK IX 1959



  • Marque : Jaguar
  • Model : MK IX
  • Colour exterior : Mist Grey
  • Colour interior : Red
  • First registration : December 1959
  • Current registration: Denmark
  • Odometer: 73.973 km
  • Transmission: Manual, 4 speed with overdrive
  • Engine: 3.8 Liter, 220 BHP


This Jaguar Mark IX was delivered new to Germany, subsequently making its way to the US where the car spent the majority of its life with the same family (father and son) until it was sold to the  Chairman of the Jaguar Club in Denmark. He was a perfectionist and a passionate Jaguar collector all his life, spending his childhood in Britain to experience at first hand cars that have since then become classics. From a young age he has owned several Jaguars and he was the owner of this MK IX for the last 11 years.

This Jaguar MK IX is one of the rare models with the manual/overdrive gearbox. Most of these luxurious Jaguar limousines were equipped with the automatic transmission. Because of the manual gearbox, the MK IX has separate front seats,  with picnic tables on the back of the seats for rear passengers.

The Grey Jaguar MK IX is a wonderful mix of light restoration and the patina of originality. The toolkit boxes in the doors are complete with the correct tools and as such are collectors’ items in themselves. Leather work is replaced, but door panels are still original.

The car’s engine has been rebuilt  by the foremost specialist in Denmark, Bernt Hansen, the only authorised Rolls-Royce and Bentley workshop and, of course, an authorised Jaguar workshop for 40 years (invoice on file). The Jaguar is registered on historic Danish number plates, while the roadworthiness certificate is valid for the next several years.

The Jaguar’s history is fully documented in an extensive file, which contains a JDHT Certificate, original handbook, spare parts catalogue, original brochure, numerous invoices, and a photographic record of the works carried out.

In addition to the work carried out in Denmark, Noble House has carried out work on brake system, the still original front suspension and also the shock absorbers/tires are replaced. Invoices of this work are in the history file.

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