The Team

”Teamwork is the base of excellence.”

Kees Huis in ‘t Veld

Managing Director

The Noble House firm started with the enormous passion Kees Huis in ‘t Veld has for British cars. “When I was 16 I was looking out of the classroom window and saw a Jaguar MKII drive past. I knew instantly it was the most beautiful car in the world. I bought my first MKII a few years later for one thousand guilders.” Kees restored that Jaguar, laying the foundation for Noble House.

“I successfully continued to restore and repair exclusive British classic cars. Nowadays I divide my time between the workshop and my office. The daily contact with cars and the people of our team are of immense value to me. Noble House offers a wonderfully inspiring environment.”

André Huis in ‘t Veld

Sales & Marketing Director

I grew up next to a Jaguar MKII and a Jaguar E-Type. The MKII was being restored by Kees. Countless days I assisted him with the restoration. I already had a passion for sports cars and was interested in a number of car brands: Aston Martin, Porsche and Ferrari leading the way. I started my career in the oil industry in which I developed myself as a Sales professional.

When Kees asked me to join the Noble House team and to take on all Sales and Marketing responsibilities, thinking twice was not necessary. Combining my job with passion is the greatest thing there is. Together with our Noble House team I get to deliver the most stunning Aston Martins and Jaguars to our customers and that is a real dream come true.

Pamela Douwstra


Sander Bouwhuis

R&D Engineer

Rick Gorter

Workshop Manager

John van der Schoor

Electrical Engineering Specialist

Peter Groen

Restoration specialist

Richard Jongeneelen

Restoration specialist

Robert Luczejko

Restoration specialist

Martin Manak

Panel beating & Restoration specialist

Tim Tak

Parts Specialist

Robert Schokker

Allround Assistent

Hans Boersma

General Workshop Assistent

Ruud van Gog


Ronald Arends


Dee-Elena van Niele

Media Content & Photographer

Aston Martin Heritage Dealer Netherlands

Legendary Cars

An extensive collection of Aston Martin Heritage models can be found in our showroom. Rare heritage to be enjoyed now as well as in the future.

Traditional Craftsmanship

‘Built to be driven’

Aston Martin Heritage is looking after the legacy of generations of classic Aston Martins.

Unique Aston Martin and Jaguar parts

Noble House possesses tens of thousands of Aston Martin and Jaguar car parts.

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