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Technical inspection

Have you found your dream car but you are not certain about the technical condition of the classic Aston Martin? These cars require a different working method than modern cars and Noble House understands that better than anyone else. We have the knowledge to inspect the car for you, no matter where in the world. We provide you with a full “health check” report, identifying possible issues. We advise about the potential value of the classic Aston Martin, giving you the opportunity to acquire your dream car under the most optimal conditions.


When you want Noble House to work on your Aston Martin, to sell your classic Aston Martin or you have bought a beautiful car from us and you cannot drive her yourself, we can take care of your prized possession. With our closed transporter we are able to provide our customers with own transportation facilities: clean, dry and safe transport throughout Europe.

For other continents we use a network of professional shipping partners with extensive experience shipping valuable classic cars.



You are not always  able to keep your beloved classic car close to your home. Sometimes you want to store her elsewhere to make space for the winter period or the winter period is convenient to have her serviced. Noble House is offering dry storage facility with electricity connection. Additionally your classic car will be stored under a special car cover to keep her free from dust. After the winter period, she is ready to use again or we keep her in storage for as long as needed.

Import / Export

Noble House can arrange all the necessary paperwork when you have bought a classic Aston Martin from us and we provide the transport for your classic car. When you have bought an Aston Martin yourself, we offer full support with importing the car, transport and all necessary (paper) work to enjoy her in your home country.

Car detailing

Noble House can offer you cleaning and polishing of your classic Aston Martin through a professional detailer, providing you with the highest quality. Either if it’s about polishing the paint of your Aston Martin, cleaning the interior, carpets and feeding the leather interior, cleaning and coating of the rims, we can offer you the full range of possibilities to keep your classic car in a top, shiny condition.

Valuation report

During maintenance or (partial) restoration of your classic Aston Martin, the value of your car might have changed significantly. With a valuation report, you are able to insure the car for the correct value, leaving you from risk of under insurance. Valuation reports are offered in Dutch, English and German for your local insurance company.


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Aston Martin Heritage Dealer Netherlands

Legendary Cars

An extensive collection of Aston Martin Heritage models can be found in our showroom. Rare heritage to be enjoyed now as well as in the future.

Traditional Craftsmanship

‘Built to be driven’

Aston Martin Heritage is looking after the legacy of generations of classic Aston Martins.

Unique Aston Martin and Jaguar parts

Noble House possesses tens of thousands of Aston Martin and Jaguar car parts.

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