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Noble House has been passionately dedicated to selling, servicing and restoring classic British automobiles for more than 3 decades. Through our long term experience in British classic cars, with Aston Martin and Jaguar in particular, we are able to provide the best service in selling your car to our wide network of customers throughout the world.

Our further specialization in Aston Martin even has led to our exclusive appointment as official Aston Martin Heritage dealership. Since 2009 Noble House is one of only 13 global Aston Martin Heritage specialists, a higher recognition of our organization’s quality is hardly imaginable. We demonstrate that to our customer network every day in our showroom, work shop and body shop.

Selling a classic car as a private party appears to be difficult and is very time consuming. Noble House can take up the entire sales process for you. We cover all aspects of selling your car, from start to finish.

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Upon arrival, we do a thorough inspection of the car and if necessary, we can do the repair work on your British classic car. We work with professional detailers and our professional photographer when we advertise and highlight your car on our own website. Additionally the car will be advertised on several first class, traditional, classic car websites. Your classic car can be viewed in our showroom for customers who visit Noble House.

For the new owner, we can provide support on international paperwork, closed transport and registration. We bring seller and buyer together and can relieve them both from the hassle of selling and buying a classic car.

If you are looking to sell, trade-in or consign your car, please contact us for more information.

Aston Martin Heritage Dealer Netherlands

Legendary Cars

An extensive collection of Aston Martin Heritage models can be found in our showroom. Rare heritage to be enjoyed now as well as in the future.

Traditional Craftsmanship

‘Built to be driven’

Aston Martin Heritage is looking after the legacy of generations of classic Aston Martins.

Unique Aston Martin and Jaguar parts

Noble House possesses tens of thousands of Aston Martin and Jaguar car parts.

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