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The Noble House work shops are mainly occupied with classic Aston Martins and Jaguars. Yet, it’s often a challenge to get hold of the necessary parts for these cars. During the more than 33 years of its existence, Noble House frequently has searched for parts which were difficult to find.

From either marques, the majority of parts is no longer available or there are only replica car parts from a (sometimes) inferior quality; Noble House has therefore started purchasing ‘Parts Cars’ in the late 1980’s. For the sake of clarity, not scrap cars, as the cars are still way too valuable.

Over the years, Noble House has acquired a great many Aston Martin DBS, DBS V8, V8, Virage (Volante), DB 7 (Volante) and Vanquish cars for the single purpose of disassembling the usable parts. From some models, Noble House has only got one example (Virage Volante) and from other models up to even six (Vanquish). Noble House can thus literally deliver almost every Vanquish part!

With regard to the Jaguar marque, Noble House has obtained several XK 120/140/150s, all E-Types, MK V/VII/VIII/IXs, MK IIs, S-Types, MK Xs and all XJs for the use of their parts.

Noble House possesses tens of thousands of Aston Martin and Jaguar car parts. Parts that, because of the ongoing business activities in our company, had to be ‘temporarily’ stored and this quantity has only grown over the years.

Noble House has started the inventory of all these car parts and will include these items in the Parts Web shop. The online shop will continuously be filled with many new part numbers, thus making it one of the world’s largest Aston Martin and Jaguar Web shops.

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Unique Aston Martin and Jaguar parts

Noble House possesses tens of thousands of Aston Martin and Jaguar car parts.

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