Modifications & Upgrades 

”To do or not to do”


That is the question. If something splits the classic car market, it’s about modifications and upgrades. Classic car owners are clearly divided. On one side we have the aficionados who want to keep their appreciated classic as original as possible. If their newly acquired Aston Martin needs replacement of still original tyres, new ones are fitted, but the original ones are kept and stored in the corner of the garage. Original paint is a very well-known example. Iif an Aston Martin of 50/60 years old is still in first paint, it is a bonus. It is patina, it is a bow to seldom seen originality.



Possible modifications and upgrades are :

  • Conversion of RHD/LHD steering or vice versa,
  • Improved seats and seat belts,
  • Electrical power steering,
  • Improved 5 speed transmissions,
  • Handling kits suspension,
  • Improved cooling systems,
  • Wheels and tyres.

The modifications mentioned are only examples of the possibilities Noble House can give.  No two Aston Martins at Noble House are the same, every owner of an Aston Martin has individual wishes. Therefore, just ask !



On the other hand, many owners of classic Aston Martins want to use their automobiles as much as possible. They make a combination of owning a classic, but feel it difficult to live with sometimes outdated safety and comfort.

Noble House supports both point of views. Originality is in many cases a bonus. On the other hand, when a classic Aston Martin is used extensively, we understand that safety plays an important role.

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