”A rollercoaster of emotions”

Aston Martin DBS Restoration Project Noble House Classics NL
Restoration, a complete restoration. A thrilling, but complex process, which contains far more than an owner of a classic automobile, your Aston Martin and a restoration company. If you have gone through that process before, you understand the energy involved. If it is your first restoration, we gladly explain what it generally means. If you are an experienced classic car owner, but are not familiar yet with the restorations at Noble House, enjoy our explanations.

A restoration starts of course with the ownership of a classic automobile like an Aston Martin. You have a pride and joy ( or are looking to buy one ) and you are keen to have it brought back to former glory. Sometimes it is unclear what that former glory is, seen the many alterations done during the long life of your “king of the road”. But, to whom should you trust your restoration project ? Difficult, seen the overwhelming possibilities which internet shows you.

When Noble House is asked for its help in restoration ( including in many cases the search for the dream car ), we guide the client throughout the whole process. It starts with an enthusiastic request by telephone, an inspiring email or a spontaneous visit of the Noble House premises. If the first contact is through telephone or email, we invite you to visit Noble House. For an owner or a future owner it is important that you see with own eyes and feel throughout other senses what kind of company Noble House is. For Noble House it is important to feel what a client really is looking for. The answer might be obvious, the lowest possible pricing.

Although money is an important part of restorations, it is not the only issue. The Aston Martin lovers who visit Noble House are usually experienced business people, but unexperienced in the classic car market. In many cases they are unaware of the possible pitfalls. To help a client in the best possible way, Noble House would like to hear the direct quality and price expectations. We also want to understand the lifestyle of a client. The latter gives us insight in unspoken wishes and demands. For this it might be needed to visit a client on his familiar grounds, which are for instance the family home and/or the office.

DB5 Restoration
When a restoration is clear in wishes, demands, work to be carried out and parts to be added, the best possible quotation is given in writing. These quotations are based on 30 years plus in experience and are pretty accurate. As understandable, a 100 % firm price for a full restoration cannot be given. Many automobiles which arrive at Noble House have hidden problems, which are both unexpected for the owner and Noble House. Unfortunately we all do not have X-ray eyes.

Based on the agreement, a ( body off ) restoration is started. Because most of the Noble House clients live outside of the Netherlands, they are incapable to visit Noble House very frequently. To keep owners involved in the emotions of restorations, many pictures of the build process are shared and written explanations given.

Although these explanations are extensive and clear, it is necessary that the bond between owner and the restoration is kept lively by Noble House visits, every once in a while. It is very inspiring to virtually look at the progress of the rebuild and talk to the enthusiastic Noble House team. If for reasons it is not possible to visit Noble House for a longer time, we come to you. Loaded with many passionate explanations and pictured information on the laptop, we explain at your home or in your office.

When a restoration is in the end phase, test runs are being done. Short ones to start with, followed up by check-ups. Longer ones are made, again followed up by check-ups. After 500 km a thorough inspection is done and if time and weather allows, a further 500 km is driven. The proud owner is invited to drive to Noble House or fly over to Schiphol, where an exclusive taxi is waiting for you. You can try the almost finished automobile yourself for a few hours. Returned to Noble House with happy reactions and the last comments for finishing, the end result is almost there.


The final moment, delivery. Picking up at Noble House and driving to a destination somewhere in Europe, whether being home or an exciting holiday trip is one of the possibilities. The other possibility is delivering in our enclosed transporter at your home. The build process is ready, the driving experience can begin.

The bond of many clients with Noble House is that strong, that after delivery of the finished automobile, the next restoration is started. Owning an Aston Martin is exciting, also a build process is something which can be addictive and many clients want to continue.

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