Aston Martin DB 2/4 MK I, original LHD


  • Marque : Aston Martin
  • Model : DB 2/4 MK I
  • Colour exterior: Delivered new in Blue Haze Metallic
  • Colour interior: Delivered new in Grey leather, piped blue
  • First registration: 17 June 1955
  • Current registration: Italian documents
  • Transmission: Manual, 4-speed
  • Engine: 2.922 cc


The Aston Martin DB2, produced from May 1950 to April 1953, was a huge success for Aston Martin. A proportionately great number of cars was produced: a total of 308 examples of the Saloon and 98 examples of the Drop Head Coupé. During the production stage, it became clear that the DB2 needed an improved successor.

Its successor became the DB 2/4. This Aston Martin was built between April 1953 and October 1955. Compared with the DB2, a major improvement was fitting in a fold-down rear seat. This seemingly simple change brought a lot of adjustments to the chassis, the fuel system and spare tyre space. Another major improvement was a boot lid which fascilitated the loading and unloading of luggage.

Other improvements were a single-part windscreen, larger rear side windows and higher placed headlights. The instrument panel was also improved with a centrally placed odometer and tachometer.

In October 1955, the DB 2/4 was succeeded by the DB 2/4 MK II. From that moment, the cars built between 1953 and October 1955 were unofficially named DB 2/4 MK I.

VIN LML/939 was delivered to Giorgio Sini Biagia, Caracas, Venezuela on 17 June 1955. As Aston Martin was not represented in Venezuela at the time, the DB 2/4 was directly delivered to the owner. The Aston Martin was a rare sight in Venezuela as there were no other examples delivered to the country. The original colour combination was Blue Haze paint with a grey upholstery and blue piping.

Being one of the later DB 2/4 MK I cars, it was fitted with the 2.922 CC engine. Earlier ones had the 2.580 CC engine.

The Aston Martin was driven in Venezuela until the late 1980’s and was then shipped to Rome, Italy, in 1989. In the following years, LML/939 was regularly driven in Italy.

Around 2009 the last Italian owner started with the restoration of the DB2/4, but due to several circumstances the restoration stalled. The owner then decided to sell the Aston Martin to Noble House. Noble House further dismantled the DB 2/4 and removed the paint to bare metal.

A top quality, full engine rebuild was done at Aston Service Dorset. This included a set of new carburetors, a new water pump, exhaust manifolds, starter motor, ignition, clutch, dynamo and so on. This is proven by invoices from the period 2014/ 2015, which total for Euro 62.555,00 excluding VAT ( Euro 75.100,00 including VAT )!!

Most of the bare body panels are original and appear to be in a very good shape. Due to the climate in Venezuela and Italy the Aston Martin survived its 66 years of existence well.

The DB 2/4 MK I is for sale “as is” so you can further restore the car yourself. Of course, Noble House can finish the restoration on behalf of the new owner and deliver the restored LML/939 anywhere in the world.

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