PROTOTYPE: Aston Martin DB7 Vantage


  • Marque : Aston Martin
  • Model : DB7 Vantage
  • Colour exterior : Green Metallic
  • Chassis number : AMWS R7 DP001
  • Engine : 5.935 CC, 416 HP


The DB 7 Vantage was developed from the 6-cylinder DB 7, over a period of 24 months. The V12 engine was developed by Ford Research and Vehicle Technology Group, in conjunction with Cosworth Technology. No less than 48 valves gave the V12 enough aspiration to send 420 HP to the rear wheels, enabling the manual version of the Vantage to achieve a top speed of almost 300 km (186 MPH).

During the development phase of the DB 7 Vantage, more than half a million miles were covered by various test cars. The test programme took place in parts of Europe and North America and in other places where extreme temperatures are the norm. In this way it was possible to determine whether the Aston Martin could remain functioning under temperature conditions ranging between -30 and +40 degrees Celsius. Reliability tests were also conducted during which teams of test drivers took turns to drive the cars at their top speeds over a 48-hour period. During this testing, an average speed of no less than 264 km (165 MPH) was achieved.

Once the test programmes are complete, prototypes are normally destroyed. However, the faith of DP001 turned out to be much rosier! Once it had done its work for Aston Martin, DP001 was stored for a while and then sold to Stratton Motor Company. DP001 was sold in December 2004 by Roger Bennington to its last owner before Noble House, strictly on the understanding that it could not be returned to the road and was used as the basis of a track car. The Aston Martin was sold by Stratton Motor Company as a non-runner, but came with its engine and gearbox.

AMWS stands for Aston Martin Works Service, R 7 stands for Project DB 7 Vantage and DP001 stands for Prototype number 1.

Due to reducing the Noble House collection, DP001 is for sale and it gives the new owner a unique investment opportunity to own a piece of Aston Martin history, which is the very first Aston Martin DB 7 Vantage with the very first V-12 engine!

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