Aston Martin DBS Fuel Injection


  • Marque: Aston Martin
  • Model: DBS, 6 cylinder
  • First registration: 11 June 1971
  • Current registration: Belgian


Chassis number DBSFI/5578/R was built on 11 June 1971 and its recorded registration was VEE 996J.  The DBS was fitted with automatic transmission.

In November 1982, the DBS was bought by Ian Graham of Sheffield. Repairs were carried out by Lees Auto Repairs, some invoices of 1982/1983 from Aston Martin for parts are in the history file.

Two MOT certificates are also in the history file, one from 1986 (mileage 58.000) and one from 1988 (mileage 58.472). The present mileage (2021) is 59.147, it looks like the Aston Martin DBS was stored since the end of the Eighties.

In March 2001 the DBS was sold as an incomplete restoration project to a new owner in Belgium, the official Belgian import documents are stamped on 7 July 2003.

The DBS lacked its engine, a faith of many Aston Martin DBS in that period. The engines were used as replacements in Aston Martin DB 5/ DB 6. The automatic transmission is still with the DBS.

A rare opportunity to start an exciting project! An original Fuel Injection DBS is a very rare find, as only less than 20 Aston Martins DBS were built with the Brico fuel injection system.

This exclusive Aston Martin DBS is an excellent candidate for a full restoration, to original specification, or changing it to a Restomod. Noble House will gladly discuss all possibilities with the new owner.

If Noble House gets the assignment to carry out the restoration/ Restomod conversion for the new owner, a discount on the selling price can be discussed.

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