Aston Martin V8 Series II Sports Saloon (Manual!)


  • Marque : Aston Martin
  • Model : V8 Series II Sports Saloon
  • Colour exterior : Cambridge Blue Metallic
  • Colour interior : Black
  • First registration : 10 November 1972
  • Current registration : UK
  • Odometer : 56.619 miles
  • Transmission : ZF 5-Speed manual
  • Engine : 5.3 Litre V8 with Fuel Injection


Aston Martin V8 Bosch Fuel Injection, formerly known as Series 2

In April 1972, the DBS V8 was succeeded by the Aston Martin V8. This Aston Martin was developed during the David Brown era until a bankruptcy put spikes in the wheels. The further development was taken up by the new owner, Company Developments.

Compared with the DBS V8, the changes made to the exterior are mainly seen on the front side of the car. The V8 was fitted with a matte black grille, a bonnet with a low air intake opening and two single headlights in the fenders. The latter is copied from the DBS Vantage 6-cylinder during the period between May 1972 and July 1973.

The V8 was popularly known as Series 2 although Aston Martin has never used this designation.

Only 288 examples were produced between April 1972 and July 1973. The fuel injection cars are among the fastest cars of the V8 series – with exception of the later developed V8 Vantage. The top speed was 160 mph and the acceleration of the manual version was from 0 to 100 mph in less than 6 seconds.

Almost all the examples are right-hand drive cars. Left-hand drive V8 Series are rare. Due to emission regulations, not a single car was ever sold in the United States.

This Aston Martin V8 Bosch fuel injection 1972 in detail

VIN V8/10566/RCA is matching numbers and is fitted with the much-desired manual gearbox. Where the original colour combination was once Cornish Gold with a black interior, the V8 is now Cambridge Blue Metallic with a black interior. The interior is still original and in an excellent shape.

The Aston Martin V8 was sold new through HWM Motors of Walton-on-Thames to its first owner and subsequently resold by them to the immediately preceding owner. In 1990 the V8 was bought by Paul Stephen Hamlett, who owned the car before selling her to Noble House.

From a MOT test certificate, it appears that on May 8th 1985 the mileage was 53.867. At this moment the mileage is 56.642. Already at the end of the Eighties the V8 was dry stored and hardly ever used by Mr. Hamlett. After purchase by Noble House in 2015, the V8 was dry stored again.

Noble House took the V8 recently out of storage for recommissioning. The engine of the Aston Martin runs very well, the oil pressure is excellent. A compression test shows excellent results on all cylinders. To create a reliable Aston Martin, Noble House has carried out the following work:

– Full restoration of the brake system, including fitting 4 new brake discs, new brake pads, new brake   pistons, new brake master cylinder, overhaul of the handbrake system, new brake pipes, new high-pressure hoses, new brake servos and so on.

– Renewing the clutch hydraulics like master cylinder and slave cylinder.

– Fitting of a new Quicksilver stainless steel exhaust system, including new mounting rubbers.

– Overhaul of the fuel injection pump and injectors to the highest level, by a specialist in Germany.

– Renewing the distributor, spark plug cables, spark plugs and ignition coil

– Full rebuild of the steering rack.

– Replace steering couping.

– Carrying out a 10.000 km service.

– Fitting and balancing 4 new Avon Turbosteel tyres.

At this moment Noble House has invested around Euro 39.250,00 excluding VAT on work and parts. Including VAT this is Euro 47.500,00. This is accounted for in the selling price.

Noble House will carry out 250 km on test runs, to check reliability. Technical work needed from these test runs will be carried out, which will raise the present Noble House selling price.

It is a rare occasion that a manual, matching numbers  V8 comes on the market. 


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