The typical British car brand Aston Martin is estimated by investment banks worth over five billion euros. The foreign country beckons and the British are proud. But how British can the car brand remain to be future-proof?

The car brand, which is mainly known by James Bond for a wide audience, has not had great successes for many years. Now that the company wants to go to the stock market, optimism seems limitless. The success has a downside: where the British are proud of the car brand from their own soil, the step abroad seems to have been made.

Good mix through cooperation abroad

Kees Huis in ‘t Veld is not only a great fan but also owner of Noble House Classics that restores Aston Martins. He sees that the British brand is increasingly cooperating with other brands, including the German Mercedes brand. He finds this a positive development. “England remains part of an island, with partly old-fashioned techniques and insights.It is a good step to combine techniques from other car brands with the looks of Aston Martin.This way you can use the advantages of the brands and the disadvantages do not leave a good mix. “

Aston Martin in the Netherlands

The road to abroad seems the way to success. Rolls Roys and Bentley are brands that also crossed the border and then experienced a major revival. Aston Martin is also looking for a way abroad. Noble House Classics is one of only thirteen companies worldwide that have been approved by the British car brand and thus have the expertise to restore the cars. The Aston Martin Heritage Dealer ship is also a quality mark by Aston Martin Ltd.

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