Aston Martin DBS


  • Marque: Aston Martin
  • Model: DBS, 6 cylinder
  • First registration: 24 June 1969
  • Current registration: Germany


Chassisnumber DBS/5364/R was built on 20 June 1969 and dispatched on 24 June 1969 to Bradbury’s Garage Limited. The recorded registration was RON2G and was issued in Birmingham. The DBS was built to ZF Vantage saloon specification. The original colour combination was Dubonnet Rosso with Natural Hide interior.

According to the build sheet the DBS was equipped with Radiomobile radio and power assisted steering.

In the Eighties the DBS was registered in Switzerland, on 16 August 1988 the registration was suspended. In 1989 the DBS was imported into Germany and a restoration started in England. The steering was changed from RHD to LHD, but the restoration was never finished, and the Aston Martin was brought back to Germany. During the restoration in England items were lost like for instance the engine. The DBS is also lacking its transmission.

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