Jaguar XJ Coupé 4.2 Litre


In 1973 the Jaguar XJ Series II was introduced. As a 6 cylinder in a 3.4 Litre and a 4.2 Litre, with next to that a 5.3 Litre 12 cylinder. This successful Jaguar range was expanded in 1975 with a Coupe version, in a 4.2 Litre and a 5.3 Litre. The introduction was delayed from 1973 to 1975, due to production problems.

Of the 6 cylinder Coupe 6.505 pieces were build ( RH and LH together ), of the 12 cylinder only 1.873 pieces were build ( RH and LH together ). This makes the XJ Coupe one of the rarest Jaguar Saloons build.

96-SG-86 is registered in the Netherlands on 12 July 1977. It was delivered to Jan Des Bouvrie, a famous Dutch interior designer. In 1987 the owner had a small accident near the RH headlamp and was traded in at Noble House. Since 25 August 1987 it is owned and stored by Noble House. It is for the first time in 33 years on the market !

The Jaguar XJ Coupe misses a LH seat, interior panels and the rear seat. A beige RH seat comes with the Coupé.

Noble House is open to offers on this rare Jaguar.

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