Jacco Bianca 2 2

14-9-2020 Almere, The Netherlands.

As the Aston Martin Rapide’s engine sound hums around the corner, Jacco seems to notice something what is about to happen. As we drive in we see Jacco wearing his Aston Martin shirt and cap. We immediately  know we are at the right address. With wonder he looks at the beautiful car and can’t wait to get in and drive around in the area of Almere. After walking around the car giving some information we start the engine (after listening the raw engine sound of course). We drive towards a special spot in Almere for a photo shoot (as seen).

We see both Jacco and his partner Bianca enjoying and radiating from the entourage. After the extensive photo- and film shoot, we drive to Noble House Classics where we give Jacco and Bianca a tour in our workshop, body shop and showroom. For an Aston Martin lover, a fantastic place to look around. We see the passion of Aston Martin in Jacco’s eyes and he truly knows a lot about the models and the history of this British luxury brand. The projects Noble House is working on like the DB4, DB5 and DB6 are for sure worth looking at, but his hart is beating faster for the Vanquish (S). Noble House has 3 in the showroom in several colors, what a luck for Jacco.

After the tour and a wrap up of the day, we bring them home via a detour in of course an Aston Martin!

We are very happy that we have been able to make a big dream of Jacco come true. We wish him well for the coming period and that he and Bianca can often reminisce about this wonderful day.


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