SOLD: Aston Martin DB6 MKII Volante


  • Marque : Aston Martin
  • Model : DB 6 MK II Volante
  • Colour exterior : Windsor Blue
  • Colour interior : Black
  • First registration : 1 October 1970
  • Current registration: Germany
  • Odometer:  88.820 miles
  • Transmission: Manual, 5 speed
  • Engine: 6 cylinder, 3.995 cc, 286 BHP


The Aston Martin DB6 MK II Series was built between July 1969 and November 1970, both as Saloon and Volante. The modifications compared to the previous DB6 were flared wheel arches for the wider DBS wheels, DBS seats and power operated soft top. Only 38 MK II Volantes were built, of which 29 were delivered with automatic transmission and 9 were delivered with manual transmission, but then in combination with the Vantage engine.

35 MK II Volantes were built as RHD, only 3 were LHD.

Chassis number 3764/R was sold new on 30 September 1970 to Geers Cross LTD in London, in the color combination Platinum White with Red trim and Red hood. As they did not like this color combination, they had their new Aston Martin changed to Oyster shell Grey, Black trim and Black hood! In July 1973 the DB6 Volante was sold to Roger Wren, who only enjoyed the Volante for a short period. Already in December 1973 the Aston Martin was sold to Julian Antony Cottrell. In November 1976 the DB6 MK II was purchased by Robert Alexander Camkin, for the princely sum of GBP 7.500!

Mr. Camkin enjoyed the Aston Martin DB6 MK II Volante up to 23 October 1982, when John Richard Henley purchased the Volante at a mileage of 46.859. Mr. Henley kept the DB6 Volante until the end of 2010, the mileage was then 84.682. Mr. Henley carefully kept records of the mileage driven each year and also kept the invoices of the investments in the DB6 in the history file. Next to invoices for Mr. Henley, also invoices for Geers Cross, Mr. Cottrell and Mr. Camkin are in the file.

In January 1986 the Volante was brought to RS Williams, for a manual gearbox to be fitted, at a mileage of 52.878. Further work was carried out for Mr. Henley by for instance Richard Williams, Goudhurst Service Station ( repaint in Windsor blue)  Aston Martin Works ( engine rebuild ) and Desmond Smail ( sills ).

In February 2013 the DB6 MK II Volante was bought by the present, German, owner. As being added to a small, but exclusive car collection, the Aston Martin was sparely used. In 9 years less than 4.000 miles were added to the odometer.

In 2019 the Aston Martin Volante was serviced at Noble House for Euro almost Euro 12.000.


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