PROTOTYPE: Aston Martin Vantage 550/600


  • Marque : Aston Martin
  • Model : Vantage 550/600
  • Chassis number : DP2055/1
  • Colour exterior : Green Metallic
  • Colour interior : Black with Beige
  • Current registration : H217 JKX, England
  • Odometer : 21.532 miles
  • Transmission : Manual, 6-speed
  • Engine : 5.340 CC, 600 HP


DP2055 was the code number that Aston Martin used for the development of the Twin Supercharged Vantage. In total 5 Prototype chassis numbers were reserved. DP2055/1 – DP2055/5. It looks like number 3 was never finished, number 4 was crash tested. DP2055/1, DP2055/2 and DP2055/5 still survive today.

DP2055/2 was in the spotlights from the start. It was shown at the Birmingham Motorshow of 1992 and it was the first Prototype which was almost of the same specification as the production cars. DP2055/5 was the production specification Aston Martin Press car.

DP2055/1 was body wise an Aston Martin Virage, but fitted with Vantage engine, transmission, suspension and Vantage front spoiler. Because it looked like a Virage, but was technically a Vantage, it was nicknamed “Virtage”. This Virtage was used for the technical testing of the Twin Turbo engine and other technical components.

The original registration number of H217 JKX, issued on 23 May 1991, is still with the Virtage. The Aston Martin also used the Bond registration number B549 WUU for a period.

The first Vantage production models were delivered in October 1992, this is 17 months after the registration of DP 2055/1.

DP2055/1 is fitted with the 600HP engine, which was downsized to 550HP for the production models. The V600 version was later in the production process though a much-wanted Twin Turbo Vantage option.

After the testing period, DP2055/1 lingered in a corner of the Aston Martin facilities for a while and was sold in 1995 to a well-known Aston Martin dealer/collector.

This collector changed the aluminium panel work of the Virtage to Vantage production specification. The work was carried out by Shapecraft in 1995, according to the documents in the history file.

In the history file there are also copies of 1992, 1993 and 1994 Tax discs and two MOT test certificates of 1998 ( 20.902 miles ) and 1999 ( 21.319 miles ).

Noble House acquired this important piece of Aston Martin history many years ago and she is part of the Noble House Prototype collection.

Due to reducing the collection, DP 2055/1 is for sale and it gives a new owner a unique opportunity to restore it in its former glory and bring the Virtage back on the road.  For sale As Is or including recommissioning by Noble House.

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